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Full Face: Upper, Mid, Lower face and Upper neck

If you have had the opportunity to read and understand the aging process of the brow, eyelids, mid-face and lower face and upper neck, then you will understand the logic a plastic surgeon uses when assessing the aged face. The entire face is composed of sections or regions/units, each of which is analyzed in terms of its characteristic degrees of “ youthfulness.” For example, a plastic surgeon will counsel the patient to address or rejuvenate only those areas that show signs of aging. In many instances, the patient will be unaware or not understand the aging process and incorrectly desire to have a procedure which may not be of greatest benefit. It is the plastic surgeon’s obligation to “ take the person to the table, and lay out the menu of options.” Should the patient select an inappropriate procedure, the surgeon should advise the patient against it, and explain the reasons why. The following face lift patients exhibit many of the familiar characteristics of aging for your analysis.

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