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Neck Lift Maryland

Lower Face, Jowls and Neck

I define the lower face as the region from the lips to the mid neck. Loose neck skin with a loss of definition of the jaw-neck line is the most prominent feature of an aged face. Sculpting of the neckline and redefining the margin of the jaw by eliminating the jowls produces a youthful neck line. The aged neck also suffers from a shortening of the platysma muscle. This muscle is a very broad thin muscle of the neck. Its two central band shorten resulting in the so-called “turkey neck”. Part of every neck lift and face lift addresses this muscle to tighten and reshape the platysma muscles.


Ancillary Procedures of the lower face

Minimal incision neck sculpting with/ without chin Implant

This procedure is designed primarily for the younger patient (25-40 years old) with an imbalance in jaw to neck proportions. It is also an operation for the middle aged patient with early banding of the platysma muscles. The surgery may include placement of an extended chin implant with liposuction of the neck and tightening of the platysma muscles. The beauty of this surgery is the fact that there are only three incisions, having together a total length of less than two inches. There is a one inch incision beneath the central chin , in the hollow of the neck which is very well concealed. There are two ¼ inch incisions behind each ear lobe. The results are powerful and lasting. The platysma muscle are tightened and reshaped, the neck area is liposuctioned.

Before 2 weeks after surgery,
with excellent results


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